Google Places Integrated into Google + or Google Plus Local Business Pages

To All Clients and readers of this blog.
This story is so big it made CNN News.  Your small business WILL be effected.

We are in the process of a complete immersion into the story and the consequences.  Here is a brief start to the story.  If you are a current client, our team will be making sure that you are optimized for all changes.  Please give us a week to fully complete all aspects.  You will also be given detailed tutorials on how to take full advantage of these changes early, so as to maximize your chances of creating a high ranking and best possible conversion of visitors to phone calls.
We will also be producing video tutorials on all of this, and these, too will be available through all our social media channels or check back here next week.
Google+ is a social media channel, much like Facebook, but with some pretty cool features not available on Facebook.  Google+ created pages a year ago, and these pages were designed to be much like the pages on Facebook.  Those pages are now being integrated with Google Places, WHETHER CLAIMED OR NOT.  If you have a Google Places account, your analytics will still be at that location and the same for now.
Biggest change at this time is that the 5 star review approach is gone.  It is replaced by Zagat reviews.  But it means that the lit star system is gone, too.   This is a terrible idea and will definitely hurt those of you who had great ratings and lots of reviews.  Reviews will no longer be done through places, but through Zagat or through Google +.  This means that only those who are signed up for one or the other can review you.  The good news is that Google + reviews will be IDENTIFIED.  They can’t be anonymous.  You will know who is doing the review.  The bad news is that you will now need to convince potential reviewers to join Google + before they can review.
Pictures will be a big deal.  Social interaction on Google + will be a big deal.
More on this topic from Hubspot.
Give us a call if you have questions or need help with any of this.
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