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Page1Listings.com was created in May, 2009 at a Los Angeles coffee house by Randy Kirk and Ollie Danner, both with a combined 50 years of sales and marketing experience. Randy and Ollie truly believe in helping the small business owner sustain, and more importantly -- grow their business.

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  Ollie Danner (CEO,Co-Founder Page1Listings.com) has a sales and marketing background. Before selling everything from wine and spirits, to hair care for women and shower curtain rings (no John Candy cracks please), he began his Internet career at Supergo (bicycle retailer and online business) in 1995 in Santa Monica, CA. He became the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer of this rapidly growing retail, catalog & Internet business. Supergo grew very quickly in the new media environment with online sales at times exceeding $2 million/month. Supergo was purchased in 2001 by Performance Bicycle, Ollie started his consulting business, a web production and Internet marketing company. Over the past 15 years, he has become an expert in web production and online marketing strategies, helping numerous companies achieve their marketing and operational goals. Now he is focused on making Page1Listings.com a leading Internet marketing company, along with his partner Randy.

  Randy Kirk (President,Co-Founder Page1Listings.com) is motivated by the Henry David Thoreau quote "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." He has spent his entire career attempting to help small business owners define and reach their dreams, rather than settle for something less. His books (e.g. Running a 21st Century Small Business), blogs, articles, and seminars have reached tens of thousands with his message of inspiration. Prior to joining Ollie Danner in Page1Listings.com, his most recent venture was a bicycle parts manufacturer that sold products world wide. Now Randy is a creative driving force behind Page1Listings.com.

  Kathy Ferres (COO) was born and raised in sunny California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in social science at the University of California, Long Beach. She has had over 25 years of successful experience in marketing and sales at major companies like Mattel Toys, Max Factor, Giorgio Beverly Hills and Merle Norman Cosmetics where she held the position of VP Marketing She moved from the Los Angeles area to live on a ranch in Twin Oaks in 2002, where she developed and ran her own business marketing and selling horse products on line and in tack stores. Her favorite pastime is riding her horses, of which she has two on her ranch, along with three Labrador Retrievers and four cats.

  Ashley Lovett (Sr. Account Manager) grew up in sunny San Diego where her mother helped run a small textile business in east county. After helping out with the business the last two years of high school handling all shipping and receiving she caught the small business bug and decided to pursue a business degree at USC. Throughout her college years she worked in several office settings spanning from a one year internship with LACMTA Human Resources to a small staffing agency in Hollywood. She graduated from USC Marshall School of Business in May 2010 with a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Her general interests include architecture, green business practices, art/design, and reading every great Russian novel she can get her hands on.

  Jamie Baclesse (Web Producer) is a web designer/application developer who earned her bachelor's degree in computer science from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri. After relocating to SoCal she began her career with The Boeing Company as a Technical Analyst. Her love for web design started her freelancing for friends and family. It continued to grow by word of mouth which has gotten her to where she is today with Page1Listings.com.

  Briana Lovett (Internet Marketing Specialist) has worked extensively the last 3 years in sales and service with an independent financial advising firm within the nations largest independent broker dealer for financial advisors. She is currently finishing up her bachelor's degree in psychology at San Diego State University. Briana has spent a great deal of time in pursuing an emphasis in industrial (business) psychology and has a knack for understanding the individual and unique needs of her clients. Briana believes in the importance of presentation and detail, and her personal love for technology aids in her strength to improve the effectiveness of all her work.

  Jessica 'Jess' Mooney (Marketing Specialist) came to California from Oregon in 2001, after working in the Equestrian field she changed careers with a personal training company International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in Santa Barbara, CA. Over the last nine years she worked as a Receptionist, Director of Student Services, as well as an Enrollment Representative. Now she helps our clients achieve their onlinemarketing initiatives and has a very good sense of how Internet Marketing works. In her spare time she loves to dance with two local Belly dance Troupe's in Bakersfield, CA Trope Dark Raven & Tribal Moon Rising and enjoys spending time with her pound puppy Bones whether it be down by the river walking or up in the woods hiking.

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Internet Marketing is first and foremost marketing. Web Sites, blogs, press releases, YouTube Videos, Local Search Engines, and Social Networking may all take place on the Internet, but any internet strategy must begin with marketing advertising fundamentals. Who is the customer? What do they want? How are they likely to look for a provider? What is my unique selling proposition? How do I communicate my unique selling proposition to consumers of my product in a way that they are likely to find my company and then take action towards using my company as opposed to my competition. Our focus at Page1Listings.com is all about marketing you in every possible way on the Internet. Our methods are designed to provide your company with multiple views when your client is doing an Internet search on the key words they use to find your goods and services.
We start by providing the very best and most up-to-date search engine optimization of your existing website. Or we help you build a website or blog that will provide that location to interact with your clients. Once you have a primary location, we establish you on directories, local search engines (like Yellowpages.com, Yelp, Yahoo, and the critical Google Places). These efforts combine to move you first into visibility, and over time into prominence on Google Search.

Our offices are located in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, but our clients can be found around the world. Internet Marketing does not require our meeting face-to-face. Let us help you Market your company, products and services on the Internet.

Page1Listings.com is a full service Internet Marketing company specializing in SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Google Places (Maps) Optimization - Local Business Search Engine Submissions - Back Link Services - Youtube Video Production - Blog Development - Social Media Marketing - Review Enhancements - Online Reputation Management - SEO Copy Writing - Press Release Creation and Submission - Graphic Design & Web Site Development.